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Molly, Platy, Variatus and Swordtail food

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On 8/3/2021 at 7:35 PM, Chewyrat77 said:

Any known issues of the vibra bites causing bloat?  Seems like they would swell alot. Also what flake do you recommend?

I crush my vibra bites into smaller pieces for guppy guppy fry and juvenile panda Cory and have no issues. Full size for bristlenose pleco. Size I crush to depends on how big the fish are. Never had bloat or any issue with any hikari product. Most quality brand foods that fit in their mouth work for me. I just watched coop video where Cory feeds floating (I think goldfish) food I have to rewatch and his fish (can’t remember which but possibly mollies?)nibble on it like crazy. I’m going to rewatch and try that to. 

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