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Scarlet badis spawning + fry


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Caught my badids spawning last spring and saw 2 fry a month or so after that.


They've spawned again this year, currently raising 3 little guys/girls. Here is big brother with one of the new fry.


Just thought I'd share, first time I've caught my fish spawning (usually I just find fry when I clean the tank). Hopefully at least one of the 3 new fry is female, my current female is getting older.

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13 hours ago, Streetwise said:

Do you have any more photos of your Scarlet Badis? One of my LFS can get them, and I have been thinking about them a lot.


I kept them about 10 years ago. They are really cool. My memory was that they were picky eaters but otherwise easy to keep. I don't remember breeding them. If I did I don't remember it.

I think they would do very well in the type of aquariums you keep that is small, natural, plenty of cover.

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