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Best Pump for Water Changes


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I watched Cory’s video “How to Speed Up Your Aquarium Water Change” and the Cobalt MJ1200 isn’t available anymore. What is the best alternative? I was cheap and bought this pump, but it sucks. That dial on top of that small tube on the left side of the pump in this picture wasn’t closing off to have water flow out of a connected tube. The tube to connect a hose to on this pump has a 5/8” diameter, and I used a 7/8” tube to fit it.F5458D6B-54B2-496E-A3AC-9B54252771AC.jpeg.5c27c0a7f6f51cb9defea11023e1235d.jpegF5458D6B-54B2-496E-A3AC-9B54252771AC.jpeg.5c27c0a7f6f51cb9defea11023e1235d.jpeg

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