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Happy Canadian!


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I have Easy Tabs!!! ❤ Ordered the minute we got the notification from @Cory. Less then 48hr later they are in my hands. I have some plants that need trimmed and replanted so I will be using them later this week. I had accidentally ordered Easy Iron when I ment to order Easy Green a few months ago. I held onto it and I am glad I did. I just added a couple Amazon Flame Swords and want those reds to pop.

I will add that I support my lfs store but when I did the math it was way cheaper to get Easy Tabs. Thanks for all the hard work that was put into getting things to your neighbour's in the north.



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Exciting! Yes the price is unbeatable! 

My LFS sells the 40 count of seachem flourish tabs for like $50, which is more then a dollar per root tab. But eay tabs are like 60 for $20! Thats less then 50 cents a tab!

Cant wait till mine comes in a little over a week! Unforatnley I was working all day when cory announced the news so I had to order them in the evening, when the first batch of tabs was already sold out.

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