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i have an Aloe Vera house plant, and some times parts get broken off on accident or for some other reason, i was wondering if the sap inside the plant is beneficial for the fish's slime coat. i know several conditioners and products use aloe vera, or at least claim to use to help repair and heal damaged scales or slime coat. i just wanted to know if i can use the plant in the form i have it (just by extracting the sap from the plant, like squeezing/milking the plant}. or do i have to treat or process the sap in some way, so its not toxic or harmful to my fish. thanks.

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I Do actually use my own aloe from a plant to the water! I do it two ways, the easiest being cutting a leaf cutting down the middle and adding it to the aquarium whole. fish love rubbing up against it, especially corys! this way you can add it and remove it without mixing it with the water. the other way I do it cause I'm weird and extra is when I make black water to add to my tanks by boiling catappa leaves I'll add some of the sap raw as well and then strain the mixture through a cheese cloth.  I Don't know for certain this method actually Does anything but hey it definitely doesn't hurt!

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