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Aphids or insects on floating plants

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I assume these are aphids I first ran into these things about 2 years ago when I took some water hyacinth from my local river they came in on them they soon infested all my other floating plants I had in the house in which I tried to use diatomaceous earth to get rid of them but could not so when I moved I threw out all my floaters and it was several months before I got anymore floating plants and they are back I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with these and got rid of them 9DD7DD03-C5CD-4625-8589-87B46ACC3A66.jpeg.289206ab1d869490c06b4f2795903c89.jpeg

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Im fairly certain that those are springtails, I have them too. Good entertainment for fish if they can catch them. They're harmless. The only way to fully get rid of them is by having dry air in the room. They need humid areas to live, after making it dry they will leave to better places where they'll most likely die because the room's air should be dry. In other words, make it less humid above your tank surface

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