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Bristlenose pleco brown spot


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Any idea what this brown spot is on my bristlenose pleco’s back? It just kind of appeared about a week ago. It doesn’t appear to be getting any larger. Included an image from my macro lens. All other fish in tank healthy. He appeared to be scratching his back this morning. First time I’ve seen that happen. 0852B1EE-3D30-43A3-96B7-1D2C88F0926E.jpeg.b3481b2de1049d638ba6366ebd26b565.jpeg1DC880DB-27EA-4A09-96CD-854289A9F2ED.jpeg.1317b92ce3b065e0f5dae3fb835a8dbb.jpeg2B7FA520-DA9B-47F0-8384-93737D2ACD6A.jpeg.05332b87d2a50a21c5c7c8d4be9c6f15.jpeg

80 degrees

0/0/20 (ammonia, nitrite, nitrates)

pH 7.2

kH 2, gH 10

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It may also be an injury. They release I believe melanin? When it’s healing in albino and lemon it turns brown. I watched my lemon blue eye snag it’s tail in a new piece of wood I put in. Caused a tiny tear turned a bit brown for a  month or so and faded. I watched close to be certain it was not turning to fin rot. I’m not an expert but wanted to share this. 

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