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Just got a 6 gallon cube aquarium for my office at work. It’s going to be planted and I’m in serious need of stocking ideas… 

The only things I’m not interested in are bettas and pea puffers (I love them but would prefer them in my home aquariums)

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On 7/30/2021 at 11:33 PM, Louise said:

I would like to keep whatever I end up putting in there low maintenance and hardy because I won’t be there on the weekends

When I first tried CPD I started with a breeding trio in a 10.  Just my opinion but a trio would be fine in a 6. When they were the only thing in the tank other than shrimp they utilized all levels of the water column. When I moved them and added more they remain on the lower portion. They are micro predators and will do fine over the weekend. Mine are well fed but spend the time they are not clowning around searching the glass and substrate hunting micro fauna. You could also put a mystery snail and some shrimp in. Snails digestion is so poor that their waste becomes a sort of infusoria that feeds shrimp and my Cpd babies (smaller than an eyelash at hatch) that aren’t eaten at egg will make it a a week or so past the wiggles stage on the infusoria and micro fauna.  
I have to disagree on the guppy suggestion. I would not do guppies for a few reasons. They swim to much and usually girls are pregnant when you get them you will overcrowd in a month.  Boys only pick at one another furiously you don’t want to deal with injuries to fins and medication in an office setting. And i believe they are way to social to be alone. 

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