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Panda Cory Problem


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Hi all,

     Today I noticed one of my panda corydora had this white patch on it. It's definitely raised and looks like fungus to me. My plan of action is to move it to my hospital tank and treat with general cure and erythromycin. My question is what is the cause? I had another cory die from some sort of injury to it's side about 2 weeks ago and I'm worried this is a trend. The only tankmates are 10 juvenile odessa barbs and 2 juvenile BN plecos. I've never seen any aggression from anyone. Is this a wound from a fish attack that has fungused up? Or is it some sort of transmissible disease? I've kept on top of my water quality, nitrates are never below 40. Thanks for any help! I'm happy to answer any questions if it will help diagnose what's going on.

  • pH 7.4
  • Nitrates 25
  • Hardness 75
  • Nitrite 0
  • Ammonia 0
  • KH/Buffer 20
  • Water Temperature 76






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Many fish can carry disease even if they have no symptoms. Sometimes all it takes for disease to show up in a tank is another cause of stress (ex: change in parameters, another fish picking on it, not enough food, constipated, etc).

I'm not a fungal expert but I believe Ich-X is what's recommended for treating fungal infections. General Cure/Paracleanse is a treatment for internal parasites and Erythromycin/Maracyn treat bacterial infections so they may not be effective against whatever your cory is afflicted with.

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Oh yea, I don't know what I was thinking. I'll do an Ich-X treatment. I believe Erythromycin is recommended because after the fungal is cleared up you don't want the wound to get a bacterial infection, and i'm quite concerned about that with this guy. I'm not even sure if they will make it because it looks quite large but I'll try.

I wonder if I should just treat the whole tank with Ich-X then? It's a 55 gallon so I was not really looking to medicate the whole tank but I don't want something to get passed along to other fish. 

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If you have the quarantine trio I'd recommend moving any symptomatic fish to a hospital tank, treating them with Ich-X, and then running either Erythromycin or aquarium salt in the quarantine tank to prevent secondary infections. In the main tank, I would personally lean toward dosing Cory's preventative treatment in the 55g.

Here's a longer video about meds: 


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