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Low-Expectation Guppy Startup

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My LFS cannot seem to keep the Guppies from fish farms alive more than a week. When we breed ours and sell them to the store, they do much better. Local water… what not…

So, instead of paying a fortune on Aquabid, or paying for special orders, I got a batch of random female guppies that were still alive from our LFS.


I stuck them in a 10-gallon Quarantine  tank in the closet…


They’re not super impressive, but I’m planning to wait out the Med trio and then move them to a planted 20-gal long for mutt-guppy breeding




I’ve got a few males to add in to start off the mutt-strain…


I’ll probably add a couple other colored males.

Here’s my thinking: I can sell these for $1 / each as often as I have them available. So, with a few tanks free to breed guppies… I’m going to have fun trying to breed some decent ones. 

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I’m so excited for your project!  It’s been a long time since i bought a random female, but honestly, it’s the best! The anticipation of each step of seeing if she’s filling up with babies, then having them, then watching them grow, then finally starting to color up so you can finally see what you get! Please update lots and keep posting pics!  Best of luck 🤞 

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Oooh, fun. It'll be so fun to see how the babies look. I need to avoid MTS and have already planned my next tank and my next tank (!) but I did have a little fantasy the other day about buying a few feeder guppies, getting them healthy and introducing the ladies to my Endler males... I will live vicariously through you in the meantime.

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On 8/6/2021 at 7:38 PM, xXInkedPhoenixX said:

😆 I love it! You said "Grody" (however you might spell it), haven't heard that word in a really long while. (I'm with you on not instantly medicating, but watching and treating when needed)

You’re right… I did say the word… “grody” or “groady”… wait, now I’m googling this… haha! Found it:


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Those guppies probably can't believe their luck to find themselves in that planted tank.

I'm QT'ing my second batch of fish since starting my community tank, and this time I did not do all 3 meds at once. I can understand that in a retail setting you need to maximize efficiency and there is more at risk if something gets out of hand, so they are better off doing the whole trio at once. At home, I have more leeway to wait and see, do each one individually if needed, because their days in QT are not costing me anything and there aren't hundreds of other fish that they could infect. At least, that's my reasoning.


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On 8/9/2021 at 9:48 PM, PineSong said:

Did you lose the one you thought was doing poorly? That all blue guy in the middle looks like my two males, so I'll be interested to see what kinds of babies he makes.

Yeah. Sick-boy just disappeared. Sometimes MTS crush weak fish, and shred their bodies overnight.

Unknown females with these … will be curious to see glorious mutts! 

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