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Larger Corydoras


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If you want a very large corycat you could do a brochis, they’re not true corydoras but look like them - they’re expensive and need a large tank, though. 

If you want a true corydora then I’ve heard that the banded cory is one of the largest - also somewhat expensive, though. The albino/bronze corydora also gets on the larger side, and is pretty cheap & hardy. 

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@Bobbie's suggestion of Banded Cory is correct. They are the largest true Cory. Be aware though, they are a cold water species and cannot thrive in tropical fish temperatures. Mine are currently in my 150 with rainbow shiners, bristlenose, freshwater gobey and hillstream Loaches. The tank is unheated and runs between 66° & 70°. No idea what your larger fish are but keep the desired temps in mind.


Mine are still young and only half grownIMG_20210730_103518726.jpg.9318a2cb1a59c705e4ac3921b1cbe1e2.jpg

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