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Quarantining new fish


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Both are African cichlids and you're likely to get "typical" African cichlid aggression from them but if you're going to put them together in a community African cichlid tank then you can pretty easily quarantine them together, especially if you're planning on medicating them pre-emptively. It's easier to medicate one tank than two. You'll want lots of hiding places, sightline disrupters, and safe places for a shyer fish to hide out from an aggressor, but you should be able to quarantine them together. There may even be less aggression with them all together than in smaller groups. Dropping twelve fish into a 29 gallon all at once may stress your biofiltraiton a bit (depending on the size of the fish) so you'll want to keep an eye on your water parameters during the quarantine. Having a tank divider handy might be wise if one group gets overly aggressive to the other. You could then separate them but keep them in the same tank.

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