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Are Corydoras nocturnal?


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My albino's zip around all day and night.. the peppered are a little more chilled but are active day and night.. I remember the first time I saw one "napping" I totally FREAKED! Thought it was dead.. so I went in and touched it.. it flew across the tank ... LOL.. I just LOVE Corydora's.. can't have a tank without them! 

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Wow I am actually surprised at how little information there is on the internet about this. While Corydoras like most catfish are primarily active at night, they can be found in the wild swimming in massive schools at all hours of the day, like reverse cats. They have important schedules to adhere to and if they don't comb the South American river basins who will?


Even fishbase.org is skimpy on any information on a very popular pet:


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checked fishbase too
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