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CO2 is most ideally used in aquariums with medium-high lighting. Assuming you're working with a CO2 cylinder and not yeast-based - Get a regulator with a solenoid so that it can be plugged into a timer and set on a cycle, it saves money by saving gas when the plants don't need it at night. Time it with your lights, some people do it as: CO2 comes on an hour before the lights come on in the morning and then CO2 off an hour before the lights turn off at night. I don't find this necessary. 

You might consider increasing your dosage of ferts too since you'll be adding a decent amount of a new nutrient (carbon) to you plants. The other nutrients/minerals might need to increase as well to maintain balance. Play around with it. Maybe get a drop checker and indicator solution to have a visual on the levels of dissolved CO2 in your water. The indicator solution will turn a green color when the level of CO2 is 30ppm which is said to be ideal for livestock and plants. 

Also, I always add thread tape to my cylinder threads before tightening the regulator around it. It's helped stop/prevent leaks for me in the past. You can test for leaks by putting soapy water near the fittings, look and listen for bubbling indicating leaking gas. 

CO2 can be great overall because you can grow more types of difficult plants. But, I have a high tech and a low tech tank and I love them both equally. 🙂 

P.s. you don't have to spend extra money on CO2 proof tubing, tons of people just use regular airline tubing for many years with no issues

One of my high tech shrimp tanks, I love the aquario neo diffusers:


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