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Water parameters finding a balance, new tank .

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That looks ok. You may want to check your tap against nitrates just to be certain your nitrates are not coming from there. Mine comes out at 20 (local quality issue). But if all the nitrates are tank only you should be good. I would still test daily I always do my first month until I have a very confident read on the exact performance of each new tank. 

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I cant tell if the ammonia is yellow or light green? Nitrite looks to be at zero and nitrate looks to be about 20.  Dont worry about your PH as long as its consisten. Worst thing you can do is start chasing a specific PH with chemicals.  Fish are excellent at adapting. People dont give fish near enough credit. So if your Ammonia is yellow its good, light green is not the best but your on the right track.  keep up the 

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