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Super red bristlenose

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After acquiring the almost adult pair back in I think March/April, I finally have super red babies! I believe this is the first batch and there were roughly 20-30 in the cave. I put one in a breeder box to save and let everyone else loose. Lots of algae built up in the tank to feed all the babies. I believe they’ve been out of the cave for ~4 days now, I think they’re almost at the 2 week old mark. Photos are from the first few days I found them.






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On 7/28/2021 at 2:35 PM, shkote said:

Congrats on your baby super reds! They are a lot of fun to raise and so cute when they're little. I like to add handfuls of leaf litter to my baby BN tanks, they love grazing off of it all day. 

Ooh that’s a good tip! I’ll throw some cat appa leaves in. I also wanna get some zucchini for the tank soon, and I need to get around to feeding the green beans I got

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