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As a huge fan of Wonder Woman,  it was no surprise to anyone that knows me that eventually I would have a themed tank.  Petco has the aqueon cube on sale, so a purchase was made today! 

The plan so far is to have chili rasbora for the red,  blue velvet shrimp for the blue, and yellow substrate. 

I also have plans to make a planter out of an invisible jet statue.

Very excited about this project! 



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On 7/31/2021 at 3:40 PM, Streetwise said:

I learned the the creator of Wonder Woman invented the Polygraph first. His wife insisted that he create a female superhero, and that is why Diana has the Lasso of Truth.

My non-disclosure agreement prevents me from discussing the invisible jet.

This is absolutely true. 

He was a complex and interesting guy

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Posted (edited)

Most of the items are here!  
Invisible jet planter with Monte Carlo from ACO
Amazon sword in back corner from ACO (because of course a Wonder Woman tank needs a sword... an amazon sword, right?)
Pleco cave in the slate corner

Still waiting on:
a crypt
some anubias nana that will be glued onto the slate

Overall, very excited with how the tank is coming together!

Almost ready to start ordering fishies!




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On 8/3/2021 at 6:45 PM, ChemBob said:

@TheCzarista what are you using for your backgrounds? 

My initial thought was also to put some grass like plants like jungle val behind the slate, but a closer look makes me think the slate may be too close to the background.

Food for thought, maybe consider a picture of something that looks like Themyscira as the background. 

Right now it is a black vinyl backdrop.  I thought about plants behind the rocks,  but i really wanted the slate flush against the glass. 

I am thinking for now I am going to change the backdrop to a solid blue

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