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Hello from Iowa

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Hai! Marcy from Iowa here. I kept fish AGES ago. I had fancy gold fish in a 60 gallon aquarium. Then I kept koi and goldfish in a pond. A couple ponds actually. But I haven’t had fish for probably a good 10-12 years. Until now. And WOW! So much more information and help is available! I now have 2 10 gallon tanks (well, one is my daughter’s) for betta and 2 5 gallon tanks. And another 10 and 40 in storage. In one of the 5 gallons I have a couple little moscow blue guppies. It’s more of a holding tank. 


fluval spec v 

marineland 5 gallon portrait

2 top fin LED bubble wall 10 gallon tanks


3 betta

2 Cory 

5 oto cat

1 other cat I can’t recall the name

neo shrimps (red, yellow, blue, orange, black)

mystery snails

chinese trap door

nerite Snails

blue moscow guppies

live plants I can’t recall the names of

moss balls


java fern


i also have a family of humans, cats,













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On 7/27/2021 at 5:18 PM, Patrick_G said:

Welcome to the forum! 
The amount of info available is incredible. You tube and forums like this make it so easy to figure things out. I’m so grateful for all the folks that put their creative energy into making instructional aquarium videos. 

Me too!!! I made the happy mistake of going on Instagram and looking up aqua scraping and nano tanks. 😳 hook line and sinker! 

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