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Pothos are great about growing in ambient light. Mine have 2 sources of glow: the actual aquarium lights (millimeters from the glass tops of the tanks, not high), and 2 small windows with closed miniblinds. I think it's every few days that I notice the vines have more leaves, and/or the leaves are larger.

Ambient light is also how I grow my pothos that are planted in dirt. 

I think it'd be a pretty unique circumstance that would cause them to need their own light - particularly if you let them dangle down the glass so they're getting some of the aquarium's light. Or they could run along the top of the tank, parallel to the light. That gives a solid glow.

Editing to add: The way you have your vines laying beside the tank lights is almost identical to how (most) of mine are positioned. Works great. I'd venture to say the black lights above aren't needed. Not that it's wrong to have them - just easier to not. I'm all about the easy. 

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On 7/27/2021 at 2:03 AM, Craziiininja said:

Ok. Are led bulbs better than cfl bulbs for growing plants? Also is 5000k full spectrum?

LED’s are much cheaper to run and honestly usually cheaper to buy now, unless you get super fancy.  5000K is not really full spectrum and I wouldn’t buy this particular light again, there’s better out there for a plant light.  I was just showing you that it works even though it *isn’t* a great plant light.

You definitely don’t need super fancy lights for pothos.  I put that light on the tank to get the submerged plants a bit more light but then I added the pothos to see how they would do.  I changed the angle of that light to hit the pothos better since they were doing so well and they get very minimal room light (lights are usually off in that room) or light from a window (they’re in the shadow of a file cabinet there).  So they only get light from the aquarium and this light and they’re growing very well and have better marbling than the parent plant where I clipped the pieces which gets morning sun.  😆 

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