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fluval 3.0 lighting and algae growth

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I'm trying to optimize a planted 55-gallon tank and recently upgrade to the Fluval 3.0 LED light. Some of my plants are really thriving, which is great! But unfortunately, the algae seems to also like all of the light and I now have stringy brown algae all over everything. I'm not really sure how to get rid of it. I have nerite snails and a pleco. I also have some dark green algae growing on the leaves of my anubias plants that does not seem to be able to be scraped off. I'd eventually love to get a CO2 setup, but right now it's out of my price range. I'd love some advice from an experienced aquarist on how to adjust the light settings to reduce the algae growth. I've attached a screen shot of the light cycle I'm currently using. I'm also dosing the aquarium with liquid carbon daily. Appreciate any help from an expert!


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Not an expert but I've managed to bring a major algae infestation under control in my 40 breeder. I've come to the conclusion that if you aren't running co2 you can't max out that light. Right now I'm at 40% on all settings for 8 hours. I'd try reducing it to 75% or so and wait a couple weeks. Then reassess and lower it again if needed.

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