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When you say something “nermal…”

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Do you ever say something totally “nermal” that makes your spouse/family burst out laughing?

This evening my husband helped me lift the 55 gallon fish tank on top of the new stand we’d made.

Him: ”Oh, it’s got a lot of extra room up here.”

Me: “Yeah, cause I designed it to hold a 75.”

Him: 🤣

Me: 🤨

Also last week, when I told him, I was going to need to drive a couple towns over.

”Petco’s having a 50% off sale so I bought three more 10 gallon tanks.”


“What?? You knew I needed another 10 gallon for the stand. And I got two extra.”

He loves to tell people about how fish are “taking over our house.” I love to tell him about my fellow nerms who see the Petco sale and buy 3 more 55’s.

I guess he keeps my feet on the ground.

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Yesterday we spent the day with close friends we haven’t seen since the pandemic started. A totally normal conversation about my new car quickly became very nermal after I told them I’d just driven the car from Seattle to Portland (six hours round trip) to visit a fish shop. My wife and I had a good laugh at ourselves while explaining how four fish tanks and two outdoor ponds have “suddenly” appeared at our house. 

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