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Kuhli loach species question

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Hi, so I was looking at a local aquatics shop earlier and noticed they sold kuhli loaches - but the species name was Pangio Semicincta, rather than the Pangio Kuhlii that I usually see mentioned. 

I was curious and did some googling, and I read that most of the p. kuhlii commonly found in aquariums are actually mislabelled p. semicincta. Is this true? Or is the species that my local shop sells something completely different? Just wanna know in case I decide to buy some in the future, because I’d hate to end up with some random species that I’ve no idea how to care for. 

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I believe there are many species that are sold as khuli at the wholesale level and then down to the retail level. I veiw it as similar to calling every carbonated beverage a coke in parts of the United States. More of a trade name for the look of the loach than the species it seems.

In my personal tanks they are all kept the same with no issues observed and I likely have 2 or 3 species of "khuli"

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