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Hair grass algae?

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So my tank is only 3 weeks old im not sure if that makes a difference but i have tons of floaters covering all my slower growing plants but i do have a ring of airline tubing around my sponge filter since the red roots dont like the ripples it makes... the filter has some algae? im not exactly sure what it is but my plant that is exposed to light also has it I inserted a few pictures below i was thinking about clea ing my sponge by squeezing it into a water change but because my tank is so new i fret I may like get rid of my beneficial bacteria? since the spong holds most of it any ideas on what it is and how to get rid of it? the rest of my tank does not have it



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It's normal in the beginning to have some algae. I would manually remove what you can and do a 50% water change weekly. Before you dispose of the old water, clean the sponge in the bucket with the old water.

Most of the bacteria is in the substrate. So clean the mulm and algae off the sponge. Don't forget to dose nutrients after the water change.

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