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Nitrate levels dropped to zero

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The tank is about 3 months old. Normally I run at 5 ppm. I test Wednesday and Saturday. My test was at 5 ppm nitrate on Wednesday. Today Ph at 7.8, KH at 4, GH at 5, nitrite at 0 ppm, ammonia at 0ppm, nitrate at 0 ppm. Temp at 80* I also give the tank 10 hrs light with a Finnex Stingray 12”. Some but little algae on the glass, no algae anywhere else. The plants I have are 3 anubias sp, 1 pot lilaeopsis, 1/2 pot alternanthera reineckii, and 1 pot pearl weed.

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Ah, I wouldn't worry about it, you don't have much of a bio load so it's understandable the nitrates are low. My 3 gallon tank with my betta, Nerite and a handful of bladder snails only tests at about 10ppm Nitrate. You may see a reading again next test. The plants would probably like more nitrate but that's what ferts are for! 🙂 

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Excellent topic for me.  I have a 6.7 gallon with a single betta, a few cherry shrimp and a couple pond snails. Cycle completed June 13.  (no fish, seed gravel and media plus some Fritz starter). My nitrates had been running between 5 and 10 and in the last couple weeks also dropped to zero. Which is odd as right now nitrates are high from my tap. I guess the plants just took hold and I'd best start dosing too. 

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On 8/6/2021 at 1:11 AM, Torrey said:

@Patrick_G I run several nano tanks and a few pico tanks.

Try putting enough fert for 10 gallons (1 squirt) in a gallon jug of water, and adding half a gallon at a time. 


I have found this to be the easiest, most effective, and most affordable method of dosing my tiniest tanks.

Valuable advice! Thanks 

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