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4 Otos + 10 Red Cherry Shrimp… algae competition?

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Hi all - what are your thoughts about putting in 10 red cherry shrimp in a 15 gal with 4 otos?

I supplement the existing algae with a daily algae wafer, and the otos seem to be doing good with that.  That said, I had no idea how voracious the otos were with respect to algae!!!  They crushed all of the algae overgrowth in a matter of days.  Are the shrimp the same way?

The tank is planted (Anubias nana, Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus, and Staurogyne Repens), and also has a few white cloud and glow light tetras, so they get flake food.

Would love your thoughts and wisdom… thanks!

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I have both.  I suspect the shrimp make my otos more scarce because there's nothing to forage for on the bottom that I don't add myself since the shrimp are everywhere always cleaning.  That said a wafer here and there and some veggies and they're all very fat.  They'll push shrimp aside to get to what they want.  It's more an issue of how fast the shrimp eat when its 200 vs 4.

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