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Bolivian Ram


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I want to add 1-2 female Bolivian Rams to my  20 gallon Aquarium with 1 male Bolivian Ram.  Has anyone had any bad experiences adding females to an Aquarium with a Bolivian male??  I have 4 Platies and 4 Albino Corydoras.  The tank is moderately planted.

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It's sort of an experiment, when they mate off a pair can be nasty to the left over female I've found.  I currently have 3 males and 2 females in my 40g community tank.  I just divided all the plants up in this tank to share with other tanks as I can't get out to buy more.  I've had to put rock sight dividers in amongst the plants hoping if there is any bickering, they will get away from each other and have time outs. Use anything.. driftwood, decor as long as they can't see each other!   So far everyone looks ok.

Now the other tanks are a different story, had a 29g with 2 males, 1 female and had to remove a dominant male. He went into a 50g loach/giant danio tank.. that didn't work well either as he had to compete for food and the loaches took a round out of him even with lots of hiding places and caves.   So he's currently in a 10 gallon recuperating, and I will have to find a larger tank for a new home, not that I want another tank.  

The other 2 remaining male Bolivians are in the 20g long and get along just fine.  Have to mention that the problem ones were my first 3 that produced 10 juveniles.  The younger ones are now a year and a half old and get along better together.  



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