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Help with high GH.

Queen Willow

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I'm just figuring out GH & KH and could use some direction. 

With the API Test Kit I have a KH of 5 and GH of 25. Which, if I'm right, means I have super hard water. 

What does that mean for keeping fish?  I believe it means shrimp are out of the question.

I have fish now that are fine, but going forward do I need to adjust it at all? Use distilled or RO water? How would either of those affect my KG? How would a water softener (for the whole house) affect fish keeping? 

Generally, what do I need to know or do any this high GH?


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If you would like me to go into detail about water chemistry and how it works I can, but for now I am going to leave it simply ( I am really starting to think I need to make a video on water chemistry as it pertains to fishkeeping). Fish that prefer softer water may be picky about your gH most do not mind or prefer a higher gH. 


Fish you would have to modify your water parameters would include; some tetra, discus, some south american and central american cichlids, etc.


Fish that like high gH would include; goldfish, livebearers, and african cichlids


If you find that hard water is a nuisance to not only your fish, but to you as well I would recommend picking up a filter for the whole house. It certainly makes washing cars at home unmanageable. Otherwise I wouldn't worry to much about it and just avoid fish that prefer low pH water.

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