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Steve A

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On 7/24/2021 at 9:09 PM, The Goatee said:

Can snails hitchhike on other snails?

Yes. At hatching mini ramshorns and bladders look like a speck of dust. Not discernible to the naked eye as a snail.  They snag in nets on gravel vacs on algae scrubbers. If I’m doing a lot of inside work I have seen a suspicious pinhead dot of water on my hand a time or two that inspecting turned out to be a baby bladder. The small babies also from my understanding do occasionally crawl inside the shells of others. Also bladders are born pregnant lol 🤣If they do not find a mate in roughly 8 weeks they lay a clutch they have fertilized themselves. I can verify I placed one beautiful honey gold bladder in a tank with zero snails straight gravel and fake plants because I wanted my bladders to be her color in that tank. And waited and waited roughly 8 weeks a clutch appeared on the glass. 😁

this is her meet honey


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