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Room for more?


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Hi all,

I’m currently thinking of getting another pack of 8 neon green Rasboras to go with the 8 I already have- they are so cool I imagine it will only be better with more. My tank is quite stable but wondering if this is starting to sound like too much 

20 long heavily planted with:

8 neon green rasboras

4 Kuhli loaches

2 rogue zebra danios 

1 Bolivian ram

1 black lyretail molly


I think my tank can handle the slight added bioload (pretty much never see ammonia or nitrites, nitrates kept <20 ppm with the plants and a semi weekly 30% water change).

Any thoughts? One other option I’m holding out for is to add chili Rasboras, but I can’t seem to find them! Any other suggestions along these lines?

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On 7/24/2021 at 6:57 PM, Patrick_G said:

Is this a case where you have to order a pack of eight? I’d probably get four if possible. (Who am I kidding? I’d get the eight!) 😀

Haha yes, I would order off aqua huna - I cannot find them near me in stores or anything that small that interests me. Seems they haven’t carried the chili Rasboras in a while… 

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On 7/24/2021 at 5:57 PM, jeNks said:

Aqua huna has chili rasbora. Promo code aquariumcoop gets you 5 percent off.

Ive ordered from them 3 times now and always impressed.



you made me look. ive been watching aquahuna to have chili's in stock for about 9 months. still out of stock.

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