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Feeding time?


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Hello fish community my wife and I are currently in the process of moveing only across Stateline. so to assist my lovely wife's parents have offered to temporarily house our fish which is 

2 10 gallon.  

2 20 gallon 

1 40 breeder 

1 65 gallon 

Process is going great all but the 40, and 65 have been successful moved over. Only now her amazing parents are concerned that we have not been feeding enough and I come to you my fish friends to potentially help put their minds at ease. We try to keep them on a varied schedule with one fast day a week usually Friday. Feeding vibra bites, extreme nano for the little friends, brine shrimp and bloodworms at least once a week.

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I think I would approach it from the angle that fish have different food needs than we or other mammals do.
The same way that a human baby cannot take down adult sized meals due to differences in size and metabolism rates, exothermic or “cold blooded” animals do not require the same amounts of food that endothermic or “warm blooded” animals do. 

Overfeeding, although well intentioned sometimes, can lead to serious health issues such as obesity, bloat, and also cause water quality issues. Some fish can and will overeat if given the opportunity.

Another thing to consider is that the prepared foods/frozen foods we feed our fish are high in caloric density. In the wild, fish tend to be foraging for things like algae, small crustaceans, smaller fish, and bugs, and they may go for days or even weeks without having a “substantial meal”. In the aquarium, they are basically presented with lots of nutrient rich food without having to go too far to find them. 

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