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So I have a small bristlenose pleco and 3 juvenile blue acara cichlids. The pleco is about an inch and I've tried to drop algae wafers in the tank for him but the cichlids grab the wafers and move them around pecking at them not giving the pleco a chance to eat, ive tried dropping one in with the lights off at night but im pretty sure the cichlids ate it, they all had full bellies when I checked the tank in the morning. I have 1 small piece of wood and 2 large pieces and some algae in the tank will that be enough for it to grow until it gets large enough to take the wafer for itself? I feed the cichlids xtreme pellets, cichlid gold pellets, and I have frozen brine shrimp. Any tips, suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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A quick google search says the cichlids I have are omnivores but are more carnivorous. I've had plecos in the past both common and bristlenose and they were able to get their food I've just never had one this small. The cichlids being juveniles makes me think they will mess with any food I drop in the tank. I did get some broccoli and I have carrots as well so I think putting the pleco in the breeder and putting the food in there should work.

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