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Budget Version of Cory's Fish Room Totes

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Hey All, 

I wanted to give anyone who's got a little bit of space (like a basement or fish room) who is limited on as much space or budget a good alternative to the large (apple?) totes cory uses in his fish room.

Home Depot sells HDX totes (with the yellow lids) and I have tried many of them and wanted to share that specifically the 27 gallon, no other size! is perfect for that. They hold their shape in both heavy heat and sun and cold temps, as well as in your basement. I took a photo of one that I am raising baby goldfish fry in (fill time 24 months) as well as one I just emptied that was outside since April in this insane heat with fish. (and previously filled for 18 months in the basement) I have a bunch of them all over and I am going to line them up nice against each other like Cory does in his fish room cause I always liked the look and this way I can use 1 air pump and sponge filters for all of them as well as one strip light. These would be great for livebearers or shrimp or anything else you would fit in your typically 30g. 

The 27 gallon (102 liter) is only 9.98 US dollars at home depot (at least in my area) and is made with fish safe plastic. The Dimensions are 28.6 in, 19.6 in 15in H or 72.6 cm AN(W) 49.7 cm LA(L) 38.1 cm AL(H) for our international fish keepers

Warning: The 55 gallon seems like a great deal, but it bows out significantly and cannot be secured with a basic center brace, it requires more technical skill to secure in place. the 38 bows out but can be secured with a basic center brace. I only recommend the 27g


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I'd been wondering about the HDX totes.  I'd considered them for a sump build, and sill might now.  That's a great tip!  Thanks so much!

I am curious, does anyone have the link for the totes @Cory uses in his Urban Fish Farm?  I've tried to find that information in the YouTube videos again, but it's such a difficult platform to find specific information.  Glad the forum is here! 


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