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Best place to buy aquariums in the UK


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I know Maidenhead Aquatics sells a variety of tanks, but they’re very spendy considering how small a lot of them are. Does anyone know good places to get good quality 80-200 litre (20-50 gallon) tanks in the UK, and where to buy stands for them? 

From what I’ve seen online, it almost seems as if the US has a much larger selection of tanks that are easily available for pretty cheap - is that true, or am I missing something? 

If I wanted to get a 50 long, for example (how I wish I had the space for one), would I have to get it custom made? 

Just asking because I’ve been trying to decide how big I wanna go for my largest tank, but I was doing the math and a 40 gallon & basic equipment would cost me at least £700 just to set up. That sounds ridiculously expensive to me. 

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Juwel aquarium are great quality and come with built in filter heater and lights and stand 200 liter lido 200 is about £520 from world of water  or 240 liter juwel aquarium Rio 240 for £560 



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