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My two sweetest fish

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This is the story of the two most affectionate guppies I have ever had. 

     I went to the lfs to buy crickets for my frog(they also do reptiles) and hornworms for my dragon.

Of course I looked🔍👀 what fish junkie wouldn’t.  Yes… Hi my name is Kerry. I’m a wet pet addict.

In a mixed tank of m/f guppies swarming 2 beautiful little girls came flying forward making those adorable guppy kissy faces at me. Their names are Little Mommy and Little Girl.

I get home and hubby said you have too many guppies why more? let me guess…they made kissy faces at you didn’t they?  Yup. 🤷‍♀️

I quarantine them feed them (day one they rushed to my fingers and nibbled the food right from my fingers💕) they looked a touch underfed but not bad a bit young.  I went to one of those pet big box stores and on the sale rack is an 8.75 g shrimp tank kit with what i wrongfully thought was a cool slanted viewing thing. I had a gift card in my pocket for that amount so I got it without researching but it was free. First the HOB was a hang inside filter that took up a quarter of the tank.  Hmmm. So I grab extra seasoned media out of a couple tank and hacked the jungles in a few other tanks grabbed some gravel from them too. I stuff the filter to slow the flow and thought geez that’s for shrimp???

I put the girls in their new home after qt they hated the slant front 🤦‍♀️ They would not come up past the flat part of the front. I walk away to give them both time to settle in. 20 minutes later I check on them and they are both pasted to the flat intake sponge on the internal box filter.  I pulled them off put them back in qt for three weeks until their tails grew back as this shredded them.😡

I replaced that mean guppy eating filter with an old aqua clear I had.  Last day of 2nd qt rolls around and Little Girl flies to the front does this crazy happy floppy wiggly dance.  I think wow must know its home time…. guppy telepathy.  
I proceed to rehome them and put their plants back in their new home and 😳 5 newborn fry?…. Neither one looked the least bit pregnant.  Oh well the more the merrier.

THEY STILL HATED THIS TANK. Now more so since the filter monster tried to eat them.  They hid all the time and were so nervous. After 2 weeks Little Mommy had a nice litter while in there so I left them in there. After a month I said enough and off to the big box I go to pick up a 10g and glass lid. I had spare lights who doesn’t have MTS without spare everything laying around?🤣

I drained the tank down 2/3 and hubby helped me slide it over so I could swap half their stuff and add more to the 10. I decided to leave the babies in there because they were happy and give my two girls their own luxury apartment. I filled their tank back up while I did all the setup.  

Lunch time

I come back from lunch to move them over and Little girl swam front and center and did her happy dance.  I said “you didn’t” She wiggled some more “yup mom I did” 😘 sure enough 3 brand new fry. I moved them to the other fry tank.  So I left it sit until the next day and only the three ever appeared but again she in no way shape or form looked pregnant or displayed any labor signs. 

These are my girls that PANIC if I clean the glass and hit the glass lid get stuck behind intakes etc. it’s awful the tank forever looks terrible with horrible water spots crusted all over it. (That’s the tank I have the lights out in my profile pictures.  It embarrassing the amount of water marks but I’m not going to stress them to appease me) but I have replaced substrate and redid the entire tank and they don’t flinch only nibble at my hands constantly whenever I do anything to their tank…go figure  

About 3 1/2 -4 months have gone by and little mommy like clockwork every 29-32 days drops fry. She balloons huge then instant slims and she does all the labor indicators.

I turn the lights on this morning and little girl does her happy dance again with no forewarning.  Yuppers fry everywhere. No forewarning, no large belly, no large Travis spot, no hiding, no heavy breathing at the surface nothing. My fry tank is packed to the gills already.   Their tank has 2 special needs girls and two juvenile girls I’m growing out for the guppy community and is too heavily planted to do fry tank maintenance. My guppy community tank is too big for fry.  My pleco tank is to big and overstocked to the hilt. Hmmmm do I set up one of my spare tanks…no outlets to be found in any room we don’t smoke in…grrrr except my bathroom….NO JUST NO. Even I have limits to my fish addiction.

About a month ago I set the weird shaped tank up in my dressing room on my chest of drawers.  I figured snail baby grow out tank for my nieces two clutches low maintenance only have to climb the step ladder a couple times a day I’ll make it work.

So as of today I added the guppy fry and now have a high maintenance fry tank I have to climb a stepladder for🤦‍♀️ But love my girls so much and baby guppies are so darn 🥰 cute. Also another reason (excuse) to stare at baby 🐌 snails all day. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Laugh at me or with I don’t care which as long as you get a good laugh it’s the best medicine.

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