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Boats! It's lake season! Began de-winterizing the boat yesterday. It's the latest season start we've had so far. I failed to take more photos once we got the cover off. 🤣


I know it's not a sailboat, but my husband was raised on our local lake, his brother was almost born on the lake. I fell in love with wake surfing and lake life when I met him. A year before I had our son, we bought our first boat. A 1996 Malibu sunsetter LX. We restored it and enjoyed it until my son was 2. Then he started toddling and we decided to upgrade to our '19 Axis t23. It's huge, but it's where we spend almost every weekend in the summer and fall. All of our families kids are boat babies. We have family lake trips that actually put our boat at capacity. 16 people, luckily, including kids. However our family keeps growing so soon someone in the family will need to buy a pontoon.

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