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Sailing and Boating

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We have a few sailors, boaters, kayakers, etc. on the forum, so a thread might be fun.

The one with the green Spinnaker is my Viper 640, named Streetwise, and the dinghy is my RS Aero, named Straylight.






Lake Champlain has a lot of boating and sailing. My local club is probably 2/3 sailboats, with a large number of cruiser-racers. It is a long lake with lots of racing, cruising destinations, plus decent fishing. You can transit to MTL via the Richelieu River to the north, or to NYC via the Hudson River to the south.

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I want a new boat. I have an old AMF Sunfish. I think it's from the first year it was available in fiberglass. Unfortunately it was damaged in a snow storm a few years ago and I haven't been able to get it repaired yet. I'm not even sure it would be worth the cost of repairs. 

In high school I sailed C420s and was captain of my schools sailing team, but after awhile I didn't really enjoy racing anymore. 

After I finish my laundry list of home improvement projects and have some more disposable income I'm hoping the wife let's me get a new boat. Something able to be sailed solo but large enough to take the family out.

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Cheers @Patrick_G!

Here are some photos I took of Mashnee, after her restoration. She is a Herreshoff-built Buzzards Bay 30 from 1902.










My dad wrote a couple of articles about the restoration project at Darling Boatworks in my hometown: https://lcyc.info/files/Binnacle 2008-08-24.pdf

The owners documented the restoration with a video slideshow.

This beauty was on Lake Champlain for many years before being donated to MIT Sailing.

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That is one impressive boat! I worked at a wooden boat museum and we did a complete restoration of a R class boat of similar dimensions to this Buzzards Bay 30. It’s  amazing how much time and cash goes into a good period correct restoration. 



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That is awesome. Well done!

Here is a project that might be fun for you to check out:




My name is Leo Sampson Goolden. I am a Boatbuilder, Sailor and Writer from Bristol, England. Right now, I’m on a mission to rebuild a 109-year old English sailing yacht called Tally Ho. Designed by Albert Strange in 1909, she is a well-known and important historic vessel – but after many adventures she was left in a remote port in Oregon to rot for decades, despite some valiant attempts to rescue her. I bought her and moved her to the Olympic Peninsular earlier this year, and am now starting to rebuild her from the keel up. Eventually I hope to sail her back to the UK.

He has posted over 100 videos documenting every step of the process. I haven't been keeping up, but I will skim the updates when I see them on Sailing Anarchy.


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That’s really cool. I’ve been seeing pics on my local Facebook feeds but I haven’t checked her out yet. I feel a little sad about letting myself lose touch with the wooden boat scene over the years. I’ve been jealous of all the pics I’m seeing of this small boat rally, the Salish 100.







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