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Hi from BC's Interior!!

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Hello! Brand new here, but I've been keeping fish for most of my childhood and recently got back I to it hardcore with the help of live aquarium plants! already have 3 tanks going and am hoping to add one more 20 gallon before capping myself off for good 🤣 i didn't even mean to keep the 3.5 gallon it was just a grow out tank but... such is the way


theres No hobby scene here so i've been desperately trying to find places where no one will care about me rambling about my fish. My coworkers are very understanding and let me talk at them but that Has netted me the nickname Fish boy lmao




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Hi @Bettaboiii, welcome to the forum! I know exactly what you mean about trying to satiate your MTS! I currently have 5 tanks set up, the largest being a 20. 

It’s also nice seeing another Canadian on here. I am originally from Toronto but I moved to the states a couple years ago for school. 

Hopefully you can find some other enthusiasts local to you, but until then, you are always welcome to nerd out about fish here on the forum! 

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@AnimalNerd98 Thank you so much! Theres gotta be some out there its jut a matter of finding them. I'm jealous of those americans with their local aquarium clubs and such lol

the mts is acting up fierce though i keep peeking at facebook marketplace and that is a Mistake theres so many cool tanks on there

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