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Coop test strips and nitrite


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So I've been cycling a 75 gallon with a seeded sponge, (used ammonia to 4ppm during the final week of the sponge seeding in my established tank (6 weeks total). and have been using an API test kit for ammonia tests, and everything is going well. I've been using the test strips to test nitrite/nitrate, because its just easier than the liquid tests. 


Today I decided to try the liquid tests to compare, and I ran into a snag with the nitrite.  The API test is showing 0 nitrite and 10 nitrate.  The test strips are showing max level of nitrite and around 20ppm nitrate.  I have a second test kit, and tried the same tests, and got the same results.  One kit expires on 1/2025 and the other is 3/2024, and I did shake the ever living crap out of the bottles. 


I then tried the strip in my established aquarium and it showed 0 nitrite/trate.  This leads me to believe that somehow both bottles of the API kits are bad?  Does anyone have any other possible idea why I would come across this issue?


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On 7/21/2021 at 7:40 PM, Patrick_G said:

Is this correct?

cycling tank: Two API liquid tests kits show 0 Nitrite and 10 Nitrate. AC test strips showing max Nitrite and 20 Nitrate. 
established tank: AC strip shows 0 Nitrites and Nitrates? 

Yes, that is correct. Sorry if it was slightly confusing. 

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Also I think there nitrites are showing because I started a fishless ammonia cycle before adding the sponge, so maybe the conversion from nitrite to nitrate hasn't caught up to the ammonia to nitrite conversion. I could also be talking out my butt though lol.


There's no nitrates in the established tank because its very densely planted and today was fert day, but I didn't get around to it unfortunately.  

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