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Temperature in a fish room!


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Hi all,


I've built a fish room in my garage and setup few tanks now.

I have 1 discus fish tank and bristlenose pleco tanks and I have a problem with temperature.

I think I've insulated the room too well

Since I set discus tank temperature to 84 F the room temperature goes to 84 all time which affect other tanks in the room.

I think plecos got stressed a bit and # of shrimps are declining rapidly.


I don't know how others who has fish room take care of it especially @Dean who has a fish room with discus tank in it keep other tanks temp lower.


I've bought a portable AC for the room and about to set it up. not sure if there are any other ways to combat this.



Thanks in advance!!

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It sounds like you need a way to vent out the heat. If you don't have any ventilation you will also run into moisture issues as well. If you have a portable AC unit, you can do that, but make sure that it has a dehumidifier in it as well to help with any moisture issues.

I don't think you insulated it too well, for most people insulation holds the heat in a house, but in your case, you are keeping the heat from penetrating through from the outside into the house. 

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