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Where could my nitrates be hiding?

Marnol D

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I have had a constant battle with nitrates in my 45 gallon. Sitting roughly over 80 ppm nitrates. I have graveled vacced everything (substrate is about 4 inches deep) ive cleaned the sponges in the filter along with the large aquarium coop sponge and i still am testing high nitrates. I have performed multiple 30% water changes.


Stocking is 6 golden rams and a bristle nose. 

Could rotting plants be the issue? I have had a stem plants that keeps sending out roots but is mushy and doesnt grow. could this be the issue?

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I would say it is.


Three red flame swords. and amazon sword. crypts that have started carpeting. octowhatever its called in multiple places and money wort. Along with Duckweed up top. I cant remember the red plants they stem and have about 1 inch broad red leaves. along with some grass thing

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