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Ich treatment length?


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Hi everyone,

So I recently got a Pleco that got ich and it rapidly spread to a couple other fish. I caught it within a day or two of the spots appearing and started treating with Ich-X.

I started treatments last week Wednesday and have been dosing daily per the instructions.

My question is, how long should I keep dosing? I've heard/read that you should keep dosing up to a week after the spots dissipate to kill any free swimming parasites.

My issue is I'm possibly going away for this upcoming weekend, and I dont want my absence of dosing to promote the parasite to repopulate.

That being said, I can cancel my plans for the weekend as it's just a short trip up north and not some long planned vacation.

Thoughts or recommendations?


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When I had a bout of Ick, I did a full week of treatment with Ick X after the last spots disappeared. It was a pain, as it's a large tank, but I didn't want to take the chance of it coming back, and have to start the process all over again.

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I got home from work to find the Pleco had succumbed to the parasite sad to say. However a couple of my tetras who had shown early signs of it seem to be recovering well (no more spots).

Losing the pleco is rough, I feel like I could have caught it sooner but they like to hide and by the time I saw it the poor fish was covered head to tail. I'm bummed because it was my first time buying a "fancy" pleco and I was pumped to see it mature and color up.

Hopefully the fish store will give me instore credit or something, since it seems pretty clear that the pleco was infected prior to bring it home.

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