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Epic Fish Apartment Move and New Fishroom Build

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My partner and I are a freshwater aquarium obsessed COUPLE. Yeah, you read that right. We both love keeping fish, which means in our household it’s double the hobby, double the tanks, and double the opinions on water changes. 

Over the past year we have outgrown our downtown apartment and have purchased a new home. Which means an epic fish apartment move and a new 842 sq ft basement dedicated to this amazing hobby. 

We have a closing date range of mid-Sept to October, so naturally all we care about is getting our current tanks moved and building out the new fish space. 

I am hoping to share this journey with you all by providing updates as they happen. We are true Nerms that are balancing full time jobs and other responsibilities, but always find our hands in a fish tank (or a few fishtanks) at the end of the day. 



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Project Leads 

The Fishgineer


We each bring different strengths to our hobby. My partner is good with her hands, so I will refer to her as The Fishgineer throughout this build. The Fishgineer will be taking lead on “the build” and has final decision making power on all things electrical, plumbing, filtration and contractor-related.

The NeoNerd


I, NeoNerd, usually occupy myself with breeding, raising, and general fish husbandry since I get the most enjoyment from that. For this project, I will be taking lead on “the move” and documentation on the forum. 

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On 7/19/2021 at 8:23 AM, Betsy said:

I'm very jealous that your partner is interested in fishkeeping, too...mine will admit that my tank is cool, but is not keen on my hobby-related purchases! 😂

Me too! He thinks that I do a good job with my tanks, and they look nice, but they're living knick-knacks as far as he's concerned. He doesn't understand the fascination, nor why I (or anyone else) would do this for a large portion of their life, especially since we also have cats and would like to get a dog. My aquids are my pets too; they just need more specialized care because they're not terrestrians. 🐟

I'm also looking forward to following along with your fishroom. I, too, live in a city apartment, but I'm going to be staying here for the foreseeable future. I currently have 4 tanks running and am about to add a 5th (free in the alley!), you know, for Reasons--in this case, surprise baby ricefish that appeared from some hidden eggs when I moved some plants around, and now they're tweens and need more space. I'm sure you understand. 😀

In addition, I love how you and your partner can divide tasks according to your interests and abilities and follow a logical plan. I've been trying to train this guy for four years now, and I have to say that this learning curve has a very small positive slope, if I may wax mathy for a moment. Good luck with the build and the move! 😊

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