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Return pump size for 90 gal freshwater aquarium


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Hey all, I recently purchased a 90 gal acrylic with a 30 gal sump. I’m going to use the tank for freshwater planted aquarium and was curious on recommendations for return pump size. I’m estimating approx 4ft head pressure. Tank was used and came with a QUIET1 9000 return pump which seems way more than is necessary and it draws 3.1 amps. 

Anyone have recommendations for a substitute that will be suitable for the tank? Ideally looking for one that draws less power and is quiet.


Thanks for the help 

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Hey Cory,

Thanks for the reply. 

The bulkhead fittings are as follows. 
3/4”drain to sump 
1” drain to sump - think this is my emergency drain since it extends couple inches higher in my overflow box compared to than the smaller drain?

3/4” return to tank. Branches off to two adjustable flow nozzles in tank.

This will be for freshwater only. 

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