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Pao palustris puffer fry day 9 move to grow out tank?

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The Pao palustris fry , which are going strong are still just living in a Ziss breeder box in the colony tank 75 gallons.  Photo is day 9, this morning, eating live bby brine the orange flecks are brine shrimp for size perspective.

What is everyones view on when is the right time to move them from the Ziss breeder box to a grow out tank in the rack system? Once they start getting territorial ? Once i find more fry? ....?VideoCapture_20210718-095356.jpg.5828961c8e0c77da389eaf6dce04f6d3.jpg

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You're in pioneer territory aren't you? Are they going to get territorial this early in the game? I liked having my billion Otos in the floating breeder in the parent tank as long as I could as they were much easier to keep track of and I felt like keeping them in the environment they were born into was best for them for as long as I was able.  I moved them to a bigger breeder when I found more fry, then when they started to get too big for that- this is when I graduated them to the 10 gallon they are all in now. 

I think if I were in your shoes I'd be more comfortable waiting until they were bigger OR until/unless I found more fry and had to make a move...and unless of course they do show signs of aggression towards each other.

How big are they now? 

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@xXInkedPhoenixXReady for anything gender wise plenty of tank options for the main rack system and also have a 2nd rack system I could fire up for overflow "worst case".  Essentially the same rack layout as the one in my recent room tour (19:00) below just updated with quick connect overflow hoses so i can swap out each tank position for whatever species I am working on. Makes it easy now. I just quick disconnect the hose 4" below the overflow and can swap between a 26*18*15 30 gallon,  18*12*9 8 gallon, 18*12*6 5.5 gallon, or an 18*12*3 2.5 gallon depending on what I want in that position. I was sure the hairy puffer would be the first puffer fry but the adult mekongs had different plans. Fun times 🙂



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