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Easy Green - Major Brain Fart Currently

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I need to dose one of my small tanks with Easy Green, since I don't currently have potassium nitrate to dose with. I know Easy Green has an NPK ratio of 2.66 - 0.46 - 9.21, but I'm having a major brain fart in trying to figure out how much I need to dose to reach at least a minimum of 10ppm nitrate in my 5 gallon desktop aquarium. I know the math is out there to convert it all, but I can't brain today. Does anyone know how many ppm of nitrate the standard dose (1ml per 10gal) adds to the water column?

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I think that this chart, available on the Co-Op website here, indicates “nitrate” with shorthand “nitrogen” given the NO3 indicator. This measures per pump of Easy Green, which provides approximately 3 ppm NO3 per pump.


Now, if you want to sink down a NERM hole on this, follow this thread and it’s embedded links… (at you own risk)


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