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Hello from Tucson!!

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Hi there! First time ever using a forum for aquariums. I got into the hobby about 4 months ago. I own a single tank on my desk, a 17gal, that holds a small school of cardinals, 4 panda Cory’s and a pair of ‘steel blue’ apistogramma. Can’t wait to be an active member on this forum as it grows with my hobby!!! 

(Note that most of the pictures are a month old as the blackwater has dissipated)A7EE8440-87CA-4413-A537-44B6ABFA730C.jpeg.3a6e3507b18cfe7bca68eae4900b7924.jpegBAE7A589-5C77-4A5A-B04B-76C759DCCF89.jpeg.2deb7274a318d5a66c18aa3545b1cc6e.jpeg80357D8D-2B00-4537-852A-9F9F1F3EE8B4.jpeg.aa5efd387465a957fc9039911b0b484b.jpeg5865CC75-920A-4A13-B6A1-B0DF9A0C5E7E.jpeg.d6188eae2fbb830088918ed6950804e2.jpeg




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