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Advice for growing Utricularia Graminifolia

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Bought some UG from my local Petco it was an impulse buy and now I need some advice for growing it in my 20 gallon long with a 24” fluval 3.0 as my lighting. My substrate is fluorite black sand mixed with black eco complete (I’ll be taking out the brown substrate that is currently in the tank and adding the eco-complete).


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Interesting! Looks like a promising carpeting plant if you can propagate it well. It is a “carnivore” species, because in the wild it traps and consumed insects along with deriving nutrients as other typical plants. Tropica has a good brief on the plant here. If you go to the bottom of that page and click on the “+” beside the lines… lighting, CO2, etc, you can see the recommended propagation levels.

Being s fish breeder, I have some cautions about growing this plant with small fish / small fry, and where you want a healthy eco system with loads of micro life.

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