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My new "fish room"

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Evening everyone. I'd like to introduce you to my "fish room". Why the quotes? Well....

So far I have a total of 31 tanks ranging from 5 to 150 gallons.They are located in the back side of my basement living room. What this "room" does not have is water, or a drain, or walls dividing it from the rest of the living room, which means internal heaters. All that being said, I'm pumped that I finally have the layout organized, the heavy tanks moved, and some free space in my garage again!

I will detail each tank as part of this slow tour but more than happy to answer any questions you have along the way. These pictures will give you an idea of the scope of my MTS!


20 longs on top, 40 breeders middle, 33L and 10 gallon on the bottom.




My acrylic 150 gallon (60" x 24" x 24") still working on scape but the rainbow shiners and hillstream Loaches are enjoying it.


50 lowboy top, 75 middle and 33L bottom with some other smaller tanks where they could fit.

50 Low bow on top. Currently two 40 breeders but prepped for a 5' 150 gallon tank when I can find one.


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That is so awesome! Congratulations.  I just started the build on my fish room yesterday. I dont have any water or drain in my room also but have found solutions to both.  PM if you want me to explain.  I hope my room comes out as nice as yours!  Well Done!

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That looks great!  I love that shellie tank.  Also, I'm really digging the gravel to sand scape in the 150.  I have a weird quirk though - I enjoy scapes with mixed substrates.  I feel like it gives a sense of a stream or where water has been moving to sort out the bottom by size.  I like that tank a lot already.  Nicely done!

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Thanks @ARMYVET for the offer. I do have systems in place that for that need for now. I'll detail them later. Let me know if you see anything that can be improved.

That is exactly the look I was going for @OnlyGenusCaps. I have the internal sump and an external canister that outlet in that corner giving the stream current. There is also a void under that gravel held up by slate tiles for the hillstream and bristlenose to hang out in. Working on an egg catching system for the rainbows now.

The racks all came from Home Depot @ChemBob. The 150 and 75/50LB are on 6' work benches made by husky. The center and 50 & 40 B racks are also made by husky but have butcher block countertops 25"x72" corners cut to fit over the wire racks. I probably could have got away with 3/4" plywood for cheaper but I like this look better.

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Fish room rack profile:

Evening fellow NERMS! As I get fully set up and settled in I will go through a rack once a week till I get all the way through my "fish room". 

This is my dual 40 breeder central/south American rack.


The bottom tank has sand over a bit of controsoil. Just enough for the Val and swords to pull some nutrients. The rest of the decor is made up of drift wood with java moss, a sponge filter and a barely functioning HOB with pre filter and a temp of 78°. It is stocked with a dozen black venezuelan Cory, 3 super red bristlenose, 4 tiger limia and a few mystery snails. I'm feeding spirulina flakes, omega one veggie rounds, frozen blood worms, black worms and the occasional produce. All are growing out to breeding age so no fry yet.


The top rack has 9 Zoogoneticus tequila. (Tequila splitfin) this is a newer species only tank after 3 months with no fry. It is planted with Val, swords, crypts and java Fern attached to the driftwood with the same sand over controsoil. It has a large sponge filter and is kept at 73°. I'm feeding spirulina flakes, frozen blood worms, black worms and bbs. I'm holding out hope that a few gravid females carry to term and give birth to live young soon.



This was the last rack I set up so everyone is still settling in. Let me know if you have experience breeding anything listed and have advice to share.

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I can tell you that the 3 feet I have from the outside ring and the center island is not enough. At least once a day I am bending down to do something on one side and bump into the one behind me. There is no issue of fish safety, just annoying. That and there is no way for me to take a full picture of my 150 at the center to post on here!!!

I would leave at least 4 feet down the isles if not more and always leave plenty of space above a tank and the next shelf for netting or swapping decor.

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I have 7.5” above my 10 G tanks and 6.5” above my 5 G tanks.  I wish I had 9” above all of them.  I need to get another vac tube for my siphon that I can cut down to a shorter length so it fits better.  If I had a shorter vac tube, the current heights would be fine.

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