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Just ordered some clouded archerfish! Need some care advice, does anyone have experience?


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I managed to order 5 today from an online retailer. Is this a big enough group?

I've seen a lot of inconsistent info online on these particular fish. For one it doesn't seem like anyone knows if they max out at 6 inches or closer to a foot in length. Also some sources say they are peaceful and some say they are bullies. I was wondering if anyone with experience here might be able to set the record straight.

I have a 125 gallon aquarium for them that is currently stocked with denison barbs and boesmani rainbow fish. Would these fish get along just fine in a tank this size? Also would corydoras do well with these archers? I know cories are on the smaller side so I'm not sure if this is a risk or not. If it is a risk, what might be better alternatives? 

Thanks for all your help in this, you guys have gotten me successfully through many challenges!

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On 7/16/2021 at 10:04 PM, Trish said:

I was just watching this on tv an hour ago.  DIY Guy moving his Archerfish... they are very cool!  Yours also spit?  


I haven't received them yet! They arrive this wednesday!

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