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Anybody have ponds with soil at the bottom? Most of my aquariums have been dirted, and the results have been very positive. Now I'm wondering if I can get similar results from doing this in a pond. The size will be 300 gallons (Its a big Rubbermaid stock tank). I'm considering if burying is something I want to do. I know it would make Temps more stable, but I also know what a pain it is to move a buried container.  Anyone ever try a dirted pond?

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My deck pond is/was a mix of soil crushed coral and safetsorb capped with more safetsorb. Up until this week when I started having problems with an animal getting into it I was getting pretty amazing growth out of all my plants. It had a mix of crypts, stems and floaters that came from my indoor tanks in addition to a miniature pond lily and sweet flag. 

I liked the soil mixture so much I used it in my new display tank as well. My previous tanks were soil capped with sand. 

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